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Why Choose Our Courses?

  • Our courses are our own! We are one of only 3 schools in the state of Missouri that offers their own pre-examination and continuing education courses. When you have a need or a question, we don't turn you over to some out-of-state technical support department! We take care of you right here, in Missouri! All of our online courses were designed and written by us specifically for the Missouri real estate profession. Should you enroll in an online course and be unable to complete it or find you would prefer to take the course in a classroom setting, we can transfer your tuition to a classroom course and you will only have to pay the difference. Likewise, if you sign up for a classroom course, we can also enroll you in the same course online to give you additional study help.
  • FREE additional help! When you enroll in any of our prelicense courses, you will also be automatically enrolled in our "Preparing for the Real Estate Exam" and "Mastering Real Estate Mathematics" courses. The "Preparing for the Real Estate Exam" course contains 400 sample multiple choice questions for the national portion and 120 sample multiple choice questions for the state portion of the AMP test to help you better prepare. The "Mastering Real Estate Mathematics" course contains instructions, formulas and lots of practice questions for the different types of math you may encounter on the test.
  • You can transfer from online to classroom or classroom to online. If we are or will soon be holding a classroom course in your area, you can transfer from our online course to a classroom course by simply paying the difference in the fee. If you are taking a classroom course, you can transfer to the corresponding online course.
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