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The following online courses are approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission for the 2018 license renewals. All of our courses have been written and designed by us specifically for Missouri real estate practitioners.

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Course Type Course # Course Name and Description Tuition
3-Hour Core 1270015018 It's All Your Fault! This 3-hour core course delves deeply into real estate brokerage relationships,  shedding new light on an old topic that most real estate professionals still don't really understand.


3-Hour Core 1270011071 Broker Supervision and Escrow Account Management. This core course combines one hour of leadership training with one hour of on MREC rules and regulations and one hour on procedures to prevent audit exceptions and keep your real estate office in complaince.


3-Hour Elective 1270008139 Transaction Brokerage (The Art of Staying Neutral). After many requests from our students, we bring you this course on transaction brokerage to help you understand how to practice it without stepping over the line into agency. Even if you don't practice transaction brokerage, this course will help you in dealing with those brokers that do.


3-Hour Elective 1270014012 Contract to Closing, Navigating the Minefield.  The hardest part of any real estate sale and purchase is getting through all the issues that arise between the time the buyer says, "I want to make an offer," through to the closing.  The secret to a successful closing is to anticipate the problems and fix them before they have a chance to become problems.  This course addresses all of the issues that can rear their ugly heads between the decision to sell and buy up through closing.


6-Hour Elective 1270013051 Missouri Real Estate Law. Ever wonder what Missouri law says about when a buyer is entitled to a lien on the seller's property or what rights and remedies a buyer has if the land just purchased has no utilities and there is no recorded utility easement? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in this course. Included in this state-specific course is in-depth information on issues such as titles and conveyances in Missouri, Missouri real estate contract issues, easements and disputes between neighbors as well as much, much more. Every Missouri real estate licensee will benefit from this course.



3-Hour Elective 1270015105 Contract Issues in Real Estate Transactions. Contracts are at the heart of everything real estate practitioners do.  An in-depth understanding of contracts and contract law is essential to a successful practice.  This course helps refresh your memory of contracting basics and then takes you through some of the finer points of contracts.


3-Hour Elective 1270017047 Ethics, A REALTOR®'s Commitment.  This course is designed to meet the National Association of REALTORS®'s biennial ethics training requirement.  It includes interactive learning methods such as quizzes and case studies of fact scenarios related to Articles 1, 2, 3 and 17 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.


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  • A student purchases the course and, for any reason, decides not to proceed toward fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining a real estate license in Missouri.
  • A student purchases the course for CE credit in another state and that state refuse to give credit.

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