2017-2018 Missouri Real Estate Continuing Education will be posted here in the summer of 2017.

On-site continuing education available.  Contact us if you have a group of 10 or more, to learn more about holding continuing education courses in your own facility for your own group.


Classroom Course Policies

Walk-ins & Split Certificates. There will be an extra charge of $10 for walk-ins (students not pre-paid and pre-registered). Call (417) 255-1840 to verify seating availability. If you register for more than one course at 2 or more different locations or dates, there will be an extra $10 fee for each extra certificate.
Rescheduling. If you reschedule—A $10 fee will be charged for students rescheduling within less than one week of the seminar date. If we reschedule—Seminars of less than 10 may be rescheduled or changed in the event of an emergency.
Cancellations. If you cancel—nonrefundable credit of equal value for any future seminar. Credits are transferable. If we cancel—credit of equal value for any future seminar or full refund at your option.
On-Site Seminars Available. If you have a group of 10 or more, it may be financially beneficial for you to schedule a seminar at your facility. Call us at (417) 255-1840 to inquire about on-site seminars.
Privacy. Sensitive personal information is gathered for verification of identity and/or payment purposes only and will NOT be shared with anyone outside of our school, except that identity information may be shared with the Missouri Real Estate Commission. Credit card information is destroyed once payment has been made.
Unpaid Enrollments. Due to the number of unpaid enrollees that fail to show up for class, unpaid enrollments will be treated as walk-ins and charged an additional $10 in class.
To Register. Click on the Enroll button above or call us at (417) 255-1840.
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